Wednesday, September 9, 2015

All about the moon

This week we have studied the moon as we learned the letter M. 

Colored M picture as we at an M snack of meat. 

Made a "Moon Phases" book

Read many read aloud. These were my two favorites:

Lily began to conquer the task of writing her name "L-I-L-Y" as she says all the time now. 

Made the phases of the moon with Oreos. AnnaLynn insisted we get the mint Oreos, so our moons were green. But they sure tasted good. 

Visualized the distance from the earth to the moon - distances and size are to scale. 

Enjoyed a campfire and s'mores as we watched the moon rise. 


Created a rocket under our coffee table to blast off to the moon and wore tin foil hats to protect us from brain eating aliens. :)

Made a moon and stars mobile 

Made a moon cake that had craters and volcanos before cooking...

And moon sand and rocks after cooking. Then we cut it into the different phases of the moon as we ate it

We also made space helmets like Little Bear

And one of our favorite activities was recreating the book Goodnight Moonusing pictures cut from magazines and the girls' narration. 

Great unit. Lots of fun!! 

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